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    This is all in fun but a reality check. I spent 34 years in Dept of Human Services. My day gig. We determined who was eligible for Food Stamps now called SNAP. I can say I am an expert at this......unlike the guitar.

    Right now the gross monthly income limit is $1778 per month for one person. More if over 60 or considered disabled.

    Assets in general largely do not count unless they are making you money. A $10000 IRA you have is fine as is car and home.

    That is $21,334 or so a year. Based on the thread of gigging guitarist and cost of L5’s. You probably are eligible. Also you 1924 Lore L5 worth $100,000 is exempt you need it for business. Your $6000 Wesmo and Les Paul for louder gigs exempt if you don’t have a 1924 Lore, including amp and things related. In fact if you have a $10,000 Martin D45 exempt also because once in awhile you do a blue grass gig.

    If you have a rich girlfriend you live with who makes big$$$. No problems you buy and prepare food separately so get SNAP. Her $100000 a year job means nothing. Just don’t marry her and claim you buy and have to provide for yourself.

    I am not joking at all and if you have family with kids........may still be very eligible depending on spouse income and if you happen to make better money gigging.


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    A public service, thanks.

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    SNAP does help. Plus, I'm old, and get a lot of free s&&t---the one silver lining of the Golden Years. A monthly box of food from Philabundance; another from the Jewish Relief Agency; an easy chair and microwave from another seniors org. No rich GF needed. She'd have to put up with a lot being with me anyway, so...

    No complaints here, except maybe that I'm too goddamn fat...