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    I have been playing rhythm guitar in a big band for the last 8 years.

    I have been told comping is different than rhythm.

    I need to hear the difference.

    Can someone point me to some distinct (exaggerated) examples?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Herb Ellis demonstrates both types at some point in this lesson (I think it starts at about 42 minutes):

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    Comping at 48 min in

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    That is what I thought, I do a lot of that just didn't know the label.

    Keep the examples coming.

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    comping is short for accompanying, Big-band rhythm guitar is part of the overall arrangement scheme, so is somewhat different in concept than comping, which, when done well, is more reactive and improvised to support the soloist.

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    Hey BBG: Check out Jim Hall's recordings with Sonny Rollins. Just a lot of great dialogue between them.
    One conception of "comping" is to play as if you're a well-harmonized horn section, providing stabs, fills and short runs that support the soloist/melody and drive the song along rather than just moving from one chord to the next as written.

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    Ed Bickert with Paul Desmond is a classic example of guitar comping in a jazz combo w/o piano. Way different than playing rhythm guitar in a big band.