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    the girls had there first public show last night for 2019 as a lead up to defender there new zealand national youth combo title

    the singer is awesome bass was great keyboards is doing it and there new drummer has fitted in well

    Helena played very well as combo leader playing lead guitar 2 more weeks to comp time they just may win again
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    their keyboardist made best at last years competition

    their bass guitarist made best bass at last years comp and hes far better this year hes a fill in from a close small townships school and very very good bassist

    their vocalist was made best jazz musician in last year competition in 2018 and she is an amazing singer

    there drummer is new and new to drum kit , but got though her set pieces

    lead guitarist has improved vastly and just may make the top this year but as a parent i can not go there

    the group as a whole was best youth combo in 2018 at new Zealand's youth jazz competition

    this years set piece for the competition is BLUE RAIN which i believe to be quite instrumental

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    problem being i am not sure but i dont think any combo group has ever taken the combo title out back to back

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    i think last years comp is on you tube and last year i believe it ,the comp was live on youtube last year im not computer wize , i maybe can find u a link , and will try and find a link to this years when it comes round in a couple of weeks i will see what i can do

    the youth comp runs over 2 days

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    you could google the 42nd national youth jazz competition tauranga
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    our girl is not happy , as she has the word from her main music director head music teacher she is going t have to play her teachers semi hollow cort guitar in stead of her D ANGELICO EXL 1 ,

    reasoning being her teachers cort puts out more volume she can play the cort well but really loves her d Angelico

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    competition this coming Saturday ,

    the girls are playing in front of the judges at 9 15 am Saturday morning , the 6th i think

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    i see they have the link up on you tube for the live performances starting tomorrow running though to Saturday its named

    42ND national youth jazz competition

    i would post up the link but im unsure how to do that ,

    calculators where just invent by the Japaneses when i we to school and we where not allowed to use them

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    as im not sure about ever ones time zones as i write this it is

    Thursday the 4/4 the time 12 15 pm here in new zealand

    not sure but i think it starts in about 20 hours

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    comps started my girls playing lead in her combo
    9 15 am nz time tomorrow Saturday

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    we performed this morning i think she played well , and great performance with her whole combo and will know how well they have done at prize giving later this evening

    i see the live stream is the big bands and i dont know if they are putting the combos on youtube i will see in a couple of days after they edit there videos

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    i see they have the combos on face book under

    National youth jazz competition

    my girls are , tauranga girls high

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    lol well we did not win best guitarist
    nor best bass
    nor best keyboard
    nor best combo but we did get a gold award for combo
    nor best drums




    WHICH IS THE BEST OF THE BEST of all the big bands and combos


    WE WON

    i think they won for there showmanship, there togetherness their overall performance working together in a near professional manner,
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    ps, the video is crap

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    managed to put a little video of the girl plying a little piece on you tube

    video 1554535129 1 Helena guitar 2019 comp

    and this is her best one she jams in this

    you tube

    video 1554535547 Helena 2 2019 guitar comp
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    cool thanks for that ,

    its a big contest theses day with 380 young musicians , 13 to under 18 but a few 18 year olds spread though there schools combos and big bands

    wish some would comment her playing and skills here im ok shes been playing since she was about 8 or 9

    so i will take comments on the good the bad or the ugly ,as at the end of the day any comments will be taken with a grain of salt

    she loves guitar and really loves stage and believes in trying to have fun when doing it
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    no 2 is better if you can put it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by helena View Post
    no 2 is better if you can put it up