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View Poll Results: To what extend making music is your career

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  • I make a living completely from performing and creating music.

    7 14.89%
  • I make a living from music related activities (includes teaching, publishing, youtube channel etc.)

    14 29.79%
  • I have a secondary day job outside of music. I still consider music to be my main occupation.

    2 4.26%
  • I have a full-time career outside of music. I still gig at a high-level when I get a chance.

    24 51.06%
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    Quote Originally Posted by christianm77
    I think you would hate my band Jonah lol

    Good points tho.

    One of the advantages (or distavantages) of this new way of liveing is that you do not have to hate anyone - you just move to another room...


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    If we are talking jazz, look at the top level players. Most of them also teach, or work playing other styles outside of jazz as well.

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    Even though Music is my profession,I haven't made enough to live on it for at least 10 years. I play any and everything from Jazz Standards, Blues, Pop,Weddings,Bars, Church Services, Jingles which have all disappeared at least for me.

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    I make less than $100 a year from our "for the fun of playing" community big band.

    So that combined with Social Security and pension from big corporation, Yes I "earn" a living from playing.

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    As I can see, most musicians don’t manage to actually make a living with only music. It’s not what I expected when I decided to become a musician, but now, I see the actual state of things. Most people who want to keep their original style and keep creating music for pleasure are forced to have another career because none of them makes enough money with music.
    I don’t know what to do actually because I’ve spent the last couple of years learning the instrument and perfecting my skills, but I see there is very little opportunity to make good money with it. I think I need to consider looking for more jobs outside of music. I also do Spotify promotion now and hope it will help me get more listeners and followers there so I can get at least some income from there too.
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    I make a living from music.
    I tried to stop it but no... Music always came to me.

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    No “I made…” in the poll so I’m not doing the poll. It’s all in the past for this kiddo.
    But. Making a successful career out of music is no different than a successful career in photography, or any art.
    It’s not about your talent, it’s your ability in sales, marketing, and relationship building. You’re running a single proprietor business. If those aren’t your first priorities then go home)))
    Being a “professional “ is a different issue. I’ve seen many a full time artist that sucked at ‘professionalism’. I’ve seen many a ‘part-timer’ that was more a ‘pro’.
    Interesting, right?

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    I believe that jazz has the exact audience that it has earned.