I tried being musician with a day job for some time. It's possible, but one needs a solid routine if having a day job, with minimum distractions during the evenings devoted to practising. Four hours of practising should be enough for any professional musician to keep a solid practise schedule. As a working musician, I do all kinds of stuff, arranging, all music styles, teaching, you name it, and I don't have time to do practising every day these days because of being out of school. I might have some hours but life in general takes place, even as a full time musician. One has to hustle gigs, prepare for lessons, and there's so many other things, cooking, chores, exercising etc. For me exercising is important. I don't have a chance to get a decent paying day job without a degree in another field, so for me it's really tough these days because of the pandemic. I worked like two weeks full time and got only 150 euros from a dead end job, being a booker who conveys customers to a insurance sales negotiator, so I quitted. I didn't have an hourly wage, only commission. I am next to being broke at the moment, and gigs are running low during these tough times. I hope I am able to get more students for next semester. I'll never give up, I know all this pandemic stuff is really messing up my mind in many ways. Well, my inner voice is telling me I should have studied something else. But I am stubborn enough to keep it up with being a full time musician.