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    When you call a fellow jazz musician "Joe Hobby" your intent is to belittle and insult, is it not? You think because I didn't choose a life of poverty as a full-time musician that I am less serious about my craft?

    As for the coffee shop, if I partner with him on this it will open up that venue to other musicians to play there. That opportunity doesn't exist today. It would be different if I was approaching an existing venue and undercutting their existing bands, that would be unethical. Anyway it's all moot because I have a member of my trio who is a full time musician so I don't take gigs that don't pay.

    Anyway I declare this horse thoroughly beaten.
    The problem, as I see it, you still undercut the competition. If you bring a trio that normally would pay $200 a man, let's say. If you agree to not get paid, you make it difficult for me to negotiate my price for my trio. The bar manager is going to bristle paying me $600 as opposed to $400, regardless that my group might be a lot better with a larger draw. That's where the whole thing begins to crumble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RClegg View Post
    One of the issues that I have heard from a couple of restaurant owners is that BMI and ASCAP payments make it harder for them to justify the cost of hiring performers. The value of live music is difficult to quantify, and having to buy a blanket license under the threat of a lawsuit to cover all their performers cuts into their already thin margin and consequently they haven't been having live music.

    I am assuming this is an issue elsewhere? Larger venues can just pay the fees, but for smaller ones, where the margin is tight, it isn't as easy for them. Any words of wisdom out there?

    First they say ASCAP and BMI want too much money. Then they'll tell you you're too expensive and they can get an act cheaper than you.
    Nobody is as full of crap as club owners in the US.
    Hire a DJ or have karoke. That's all I have to say to them.