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    Just to be a little fair to the police in that video, we don't know what they were investigating. We don't know what history, if any they had with that gentleman. We don't know why they were detaining him. We don't know if he had a previous violent incident. The tape itself is clearly edited and so we don't know what was said or done by that individual. We don't really know anything about what led to the physical confrontation. We do know that the individual became violent when the police tried to arrest him.
    But yeah, police are always at fault and buskers are always innocent lambs. Actually we don't even know if he was busking or even if that was his guitar that he was holding. Oh well-no matter. Let's just assume that the police had no reason to detain him and that his rights were violated.
    Still working on it.


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    My wife and my daughters know that I always give money to the buskers. I love it.

    Sometimes I do it but I HATE when people record you with the cell phone . Why don't we just try to enjoy the moment?