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    I went round Europe three times on the flute in the late 80s - playing Bach and Mozart mostly

    made about 100 quid a night on the French Riviera


    I introduced my boys to flute during lockdown - we worked out a bunch of tunes, some with three part harmonies (St Thomas, If I only had a brain, Mona Lisa, Zipadeedoodaa)

    after about 6 weeks I was on the high street in Worcester with my younger boy (7) playing these tunes. He had it all down pretty well.

    what I could not believe is that so few people took any notice. He's 7 - we're playing sweet flute duets on cool tunes - and 85 percent of people behaved as if we weren't there.

    he was thrilled we made twenty quid in about half an hour.

    I've probably messed him up something rotten.

    (I was very happy to do this instead of getting a proper job through Uni. - but I'm not prepared to do it - without a seven year old - any more)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Sometimes you just gotta stop the deliberating and get out there and play. I'm glad some do and I reckon Tuba Skinny here would fit the mood in many US streets right now

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    I have Busked some didnt really do it for the cash, I would some times play Mr. Bo Jangles to see the peoples reaction. I would mostly do my own songs. I have seen some Buskers do a well known sing along and draw large crowds And I have seen wandering players that could make more money because they went to where a crowd was. There are some street rules you should follow and there are police rules you should follow. And if you go with a group to Busk then you will be noticed fast and have the rules apply harder.

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    dig this busking for sure

    Veronica Swift is totally blowing my mind

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    I've busked quite a bit in my life. The days of jazz musicians having tons of gigs and getting a lot of experience that way mostly seems gone (especially with the pandemic), so, busking certainly seems like a good alternative for getting experience playing with other people. I know a lot of standards and the way I learned most of them was just playing gigs and busking.

    These days, in NYC, you can catch Chris Potter, or Pete Bernstein or many other famous jazz musicians playing in the street.

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    I busked a little in high school and college (usually accompanying a singer), and it felt really weird. Not sure why, but it just did, so I avoided it.

    Recently, my duo partner and I have played on the sidewalk outside a restaurant (restaurant seating is all outdoors right now) for tips plus a meal and drinks a few times. Being on the street, it has some of the vibe of busking with people stopping to listen and throw tips in the jar even if they're not at the restaurant (and the occasional street character disrupting things a little). It has been pretty enjoyable.

    As long as weather permits, I'll keep doing this. In these days of limited opportunities to play, it has nice to have this outlet.


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    Now I was forced to see what washtube bass means, not knowing the term. I realized that one of my most memorable street music (listening) experience is exactly that, way long ago in New Orleans. The guy was incredibly musical, btw the whole city was also. You just simply take a deep breath somewhere in the street, and inhale Music

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    Wow. Talented musicians playing "the street" to throngs of brain-dead automatons who value a Cappucchino or Biscotti more than one of the highest forms of human communication--Music(most customers/passers-by never turned to even look at them). And there are some here who say Jazz is alive? Benny's band back in the 60's/70's would have had the pick of the best clubs in Chicago to play 5 nights a week while others bidded for their services. Wonder what they made for that gig?
    Play live . . . for a fair fee . . . or stay at home . . . Marinero

    P.S. Your Golden Cocker Spaniel at home is certainly a more appreciative audience than the uninterested mushroom heads in the video. Sad. Very sad. M

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    I enjoy playing on the streets here in Brazil - São Paulo, because some people that have no idea about swing or trad jazz can hear it and sometimes really enjoy it.
    A lot of people around here have the idea that Jazz is "elevator music" and that you can't dance with it, so when we play and some of our lindy hoppers friends come together it's always a great experience to show it to this audience that would never go to a jazz club because of what they think what Jazz is...

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    Hi, G,
    Thanks for the video of Veronica. She's the real deal. Here's another video. Enjoy.
    Play live . . . Marinero

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    Check out Veronica at 5:52

    Play live . . . Marinero

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    [QUOTE=Marinero;1074185]Check out Veronica at 5:52

    Play live . . . Marinero[/QUOTE

    I'm glad someone noticed Marinero! I posted this in a different thread and it seemed to get missed.

    I really don't know how.

    I've never heard singing like it - glorious! - so uplifting. She out blows both these guys (whoever they are!) - and you can see it on their faces!

    everything I've heard from her is magic. try 'social call' - or 'you're gonna hear from me' .....

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    "She out blows both these guys (whoever they are!) - and you can see it on their faces!"

    Um, the trumpet player is only Wynton Marsalis. She's good but she certainly didn't 'out blow' him.

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    If you busk in my neck of the woods, you better bring some chops.

    Seriously, we have some of the best street musicians in the world in Asheville. The wife and I had patio seating at a wine bar in the River Arts District and were entertained by a marvelous classical violinist. A character and the man could play.