Juilliard | Top 25 Jazz Guitar Schools

Top 25 US Jazz Guitar Schools

A guide for those that want to take their guitar playing to the next level and are looking for a jazz guitar university program.

Finding and making a choice between the available schools can be though. This guide will help you make your choice.

Miles Davis

Top 100 Jazz Albums

This listening guide is a top 100 of jazz albums that don’t have a guitar player in the leading role.

If you are looking for a new jazz music to listen to, this is a great starting place.

The Advancing Guitarist

Top 50 Jazz Guitar Books

There’s a ton of jazz guitar books available nowadays, some are great, some are not so great.

This top 50 compiled by our readers is a great place to start if you are looking for a new book to dive into.

Al Di Meola's Elegant Gypsy

Top 100 Jazz Guitar Albums

Here is a top 100 of best jazz guitar albums, as voted by our readers. If you are new to jazz guitar, this listening guide is a good place to start, with a wide variety of styles and jazz guitarists.

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