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The Jazz Theory Book
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A great jazz solo is 1% magic and 99% stuff that is analyzable and explainable. The Jazz Theory Book teaches you the 99% stuff, quick and easy. What's even better: music theory can be boring, but not in this book, you'll love reading every part of it.

This Bible of Jazz Theory is used by universities around the world. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced players and explains all material step-by-step, so that it's easy for you to understand.


  • The Jazz Theory Book has over 500 pages of text and over 750 musical examples, as played by the great jazz players.
  • The Jazz Theory Book is written in a clear and understandable style.
  • The Jazz Theory Book takes you from basic techniques such as chord construction and the II V I chord progression to scale theory, the blues, rhythm changes, chord theory, the bebop scale, pentatonic scales, how to read a lead sheet, how to memorize tunes and a study of reharmonization that is almost a book in itself.
  • The Jazz Theory Book is a great inspiration and gives a lot of practical advice.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back.


Here's an overview of the topics covered:


  • Part 1: Theory: Chords & Scales
    • Basic Theory
    • The Major Scale and the II-V-I Progression
    • Chord/Scale Theory
    • How to Practice Scales
    • Slash Chords
  • Part 2: Improvisation: Playin' the Changes
    • From Scales to Music
    • The Bebop Scales
    • Playing "Outside"
    • Pentatonic Scales
    • The Blues
    • "Rhythm" Changes
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Part 3: Reharmonization
    • Basic Reharmonization
    • Advanced Reharmonization
    • Coltrane Changes
    • Three Reharmonization
  • Part 4: The Tunes
    • Song Form and Composition
    • Reading a Lead Sheet
    • Memorizing a Tune
    • Heads
    • The Repertoire
  • Part 5: The Rest of It
    • Salsa and Latin Jazz
    • Loose Ends
    • Listen

Listen to  what other jazz musicians say about The Jazz Theory Book:

"Mark has done it again and the music world is grateful. This book will help move the understanding of jazz theory and harmony into the 21st century."
Jamey Aebersold

"Finally, a book on jazz theory and harmony that is very easy to understand yet still covers in great depth just about all of the basics anyone would need to know in order to get started or, in the case of the more advanced player, wonderful information on areas such as playing "outside", reharmonization, keyboard fundamentals, etc. I wish I'd had this book 40 years ago. I think this is the book every musician should own."
Bobby Shew

"The Jazz Theory Book should be in every musician's library regardless of the level of their ability."
James Moody

"This is the best book on jazz theory I have seen to date. The conversational tone of all the text gives the student the feeling of learning from a friend rather than an authoritarian figure. Great stuff.!"
Ernie Watts

"A great book!"
Keyboard Magazine

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