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The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios


The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios
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PDF eBook (printable) | 182 pages | tabs, notation, audio & backing tracks | Instant delivery by email | Works on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Apple, Linux, and Android.

Do you get the feeling sometimes that a lot of your guitar solos sound alike and that you keep playing the same things over and over? Arpeggios are the solution to your problem...

A big part of learning how to play jazz guitar is learning to “play the changes”. While learning scales is one avenue to explore playing changes, the most direct way to outline any chord in your soloing is to use arpeggios in your lines.

The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios is a step-by-step approach that teaches you the fingerings, knowledge, exercises, and common phrases, you need to confidently solo over any set of jazz chord changes.

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What will you learn?

  • How to play and solo with essential jazz guitar arpeggios.
  • Must know arpeggio shapes for maj7, 7, m7, m7b5, dim7, and mMaj7 arpeggios.
  • How to use these arpeggios to solo over chords and common jazz chord progressions.
  • How each arpeggio is built from a theoretical standpoint.
  • Exercises to help you build your knowledge of arpeggios in both a technical and improvisational context.

When you buy The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios, you get:

  • 15 Chapters of must-know jazz arpeggio concepts and applications.
  • Easy to follow concepts with hundreds of fretboard diagrams and tab/notation examples.
  • Over 100 audio examples and backing tracks.
  • Sample solos over common jazz tunes to amp up your studies.
  • Practice pointers to help you get the most out of your time in the practice room.
  • Everything you need to master jazz guitar arpeggios.
  • All for one low price!


If you want to improve your jazz guitar solos, then download the Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios and get started today:

Add to Cart Price: $19.99


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Great book, Matt and Dirk. Two thumbs up and a big toe


This Jazz Arpeggios E Book is a great addition to a players arsenal with very easy to follow diagrams clearly written notation accompanied by excelent audio examples, a 'must have' for the aspiring Jazz Guitar player . Very good value for money. Highly recommended!

Well done to Matt & Dirk for another excellent Ebook!

Dave Campbell

Just started on the material, but looks very much like what my Jazz lessons covered back 'in the day', only this eBook takes it further.

As far as 'boring up and down' ... these are jazz arpeggios, and how I was originally taught them was to drill on them in all positions and eventually they become second nature and you'll find yourself with 'go-to' patterns.

Great stuff to have under one cover, thanks!

Dave Hare

From the very first page this arpeggio e-book makes learning super easy; breaking down each arpeggio shape with clear discriptions, diagrams, example audio and backing tracks to play over.

Super good value for money, I would have paid thrice the asking price.

Dave, Birmingham UK

Ryan Rhea

Can anyone tell me what the spelling of this chord: VI7b9, is in plain English? :) I'm having a hard time pronouncing it.

In future books, it might be helpful to write out plain English spellings in parenthesis when first introducing the chord/arp.

Enjoying the book!!

Matt and Dirk

Hi Ryan. You would pronounce that six-seven-flat-nine. Cheers.


Hi Ryan,

The Roman numeral "VI" is the degree of the scale the chord is based on. In this case it is 6 or chord six in any major key. For example in Cmaj chord six is A minor. In this case it is written in capitals and with a 7b9 so we assume it it is a Dominant 7 chord with a flattened 9th above it.

Spelled : A, C#, E, G, Bb  (1 3 5 7 b9)

There are unfortunately a lot of ways to describe music theory and so it can be confusing. Bear in mind it is useful to understand this stuff but not essential to playing great jazz guitar :)


I have bought the Wes and jazz blues books,and i can not be happier
A preview of this one would be great.

What about the jazz blues book part 2?

salutes from Spain

Matt and Dirk

Thanks. We have plans to do the second jazz blues book in the coming year.


Don't publish this if you want. I want to thank you for your kindness! You are great, tomorrow I'll buy the book for sure!


Last question excuse me: what about other arpeggios such ad 9, 11, altered etc?

Matt and Dirk

Yes those are covered as well with arpeggio subs, b9 arps, #11 arps, etc.


I bought your Jazz Blues and Montgomery books, great, they changed my playng very well. Is this book a boring up and down exercise book or is it a sistematic and creative way to learn arpeggios? I found always very difficult arpeggio playing, and I would like to learn to use them!

Matt and Dirk

Thanks for buying the books. This book is designed to teach practical, musical, and fun ways to learn and apply arpeggios. hope that helps.


Does this book show the use of arpeggios in common gypsy jazz tunes or address their use in that style? Can you tell us some of the songs that are demonstrated?

Matt and Dirk

The arpeggios are demonstrated over common chords and chord progressions, used in all styles of jazz, as well as over blues, rhythm changes, and Autumn Leaves. We've kept it as open as possible so you can apply the material to any style or genre of jazz you enjoy.


What software do I need to play it on a Mac?
Are there arpeggios for ordinary major and minor chords?

Dirk and Matt

You can open the pdf in Preview on any Mac. If you have an older iOS, sometimes preview will stop working. if that happens you can download Adobe Reader, a free software program that reads pdf files.

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