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Frank Gambale Guitar Licks

Frank Gambale Guitar Tab : Licks Frank Gambale was born on December 22, 1958 in Canberra, Australia. He started playing guitar at the age of 7 and he became a student at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood.

Frank started playing in Chick Corea's Electric Band in 1986. The group just did a reunion tour and released a new album, called To The Stars. He's also the leader of his own rock orientated bands.

Frank Gambale is known for his technical mastery and extreme fast guitar solos. His signature technique is sweep picking, but a different method of sweep picking. His sweep picking involves not only arpeggios, as is traditionally the case, but also scales. To learn more about his speed picking technique, check out one of his instructional DVDs: Monster Licks-Speed Picking


Recommended listening: Present for the Future


1) The following lick comes from a song called 'Isola d'Elba' from the album Coming to Your Senses, featuring Frank on acoustic guitar.


Frank Gambale Guitar Tab : Lick 1


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