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    A warm and friendly place

    25,000 digitised '78s free to download

    "Each heart vibrates to that iron string."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    (who obviously played in Carl Kress tuning)

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    25,000 digitised '78s free to download

    Here's another horde of digitized 78s.
    Note the link to the complete collection at the top of the page with a password, apparently to deter download by bots.
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    25,000 digitised '78s free to download

    And don't forget the Archive.org - 78 RPM and Cylinder Recording collection
    Every now and then I burn a couple of hours exploring old record collections to get into the spirit that much of today's music grew from.
    The George Blood collection that started this thread is also hosted there archive.org - 78rpm Records Digitized by George Blood
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    nice to see this dedication to older but important artifacts

    archive.org is a longtime stronghold for much arcana...musical and otherwise

    nice to see other sites as well...

    if you know of any others please post


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    French in Okinawa
    Fantastic ! Thanks !

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