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    Jun 2008
    Antigonish, Canada

    Returning to the Forum World with a Video

    I'm sure a lot of the cats I knew when I used to post here are gone, or some still around.

    I split from forums years ago, I felt it took up too much time. I was also doing a lot of 'teaching' and what not on forums, and I teach full time... it was too much of one thing.

    I miss the community aspect of it. And now, I have a better set up and some like minded people interested in creating content.

    So I'll be posting some videos of some playing, and some lessons as well.

    If you dig it, please like and share. If you don't, that's cool also.

    New Albums coming out in 2018, at least one, if not two.

    I am looking forward to getting back in the Forum world here!

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    Good too see you, Jake. Always enjoyed your posts. Thanks for the video. Really nice!

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    Jan 2009
    Chicago, IL
    New guitar for you. Like Paul Piper (GREAT player out of D.C.) you were always the 335 guy.

    I really dug your record, "follow "-- still remember it, in an era when jazz guitarists are a dime a dozen, you produced a very nice modern sound and feel that did not throw out the tradition, The so-called baby with the bathwater .

    Honestly, I lost track after that. Looking forward to hearing what you got next . If I remember, I think your brother was also a piano player . And you worked with George cables . I mean, this was the era when Myspace was still around.

    I've been thinking about how guitarists interact with piano players: even Bernstein laid out when Meldau took his choruses on his new record .

    In any Event, welcome back .
    Navdeep Singh.

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    Dec 2012
    Beautiful playing, Jake!
    A long journey starts with the first step...and although I have long forgotten about my destination I'm still enjoying the journey.

    "I never practice. I just open the guitar case and throw in a piece of meat." (Wes Montgomery)

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    Jun 2008
    Antigonish, Canada
    lol myspace... indeed.

    A lot has changed online that is for sure. And thank you for your kind words about Follow, it seems like a lifetime ago that I undertook that project. I'm humbled you remembered it.

    I still play the 335... probably 75% of the time. The Eastman is a lot of fun, I'm forcing myself to play it so I get more comfortable with it. More videos will be coming, including the ole 335.

    And indeed my Brother is a pianist. We recorded an album in 2016 and it's going to be released soon... I don't know when, he's doing all the mixing and whatnot.

    Comping for pianists is tricky. Ultimately, the pianist has to be okay with it, if that makes any sense.

    Lots of great Piano/Guitar duo albums out there that I love and cherish, I think it's helped me out.

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    Hey Jake, the sound and sense of spacing is wonderful. I love this free flow way of playing and you're tapping into the zone on this video so nice. Well done, glad to see some of the old timers

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    Hey Jake "I Remember You" and welcome back. Forums can take a lot of time, I try to stop by here every once in a while. Maybe in 40 years when I retire I'll post more.

    Nice to hear how your sound has developed in the past X years


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    Good to see you back! Great thoughtful use of the instrument, the music and the space. It's a joy to hear such a musical and artful reading; your style is all your own. I love it.
    Hope you find the time to share more.


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    Jun 2008
    Antigonish, Canada
    Thanks David and Jake for such generous compliments.

    I hope to have another Video up next week.

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    Apr 2007
    Payson Arizona

    Welcome back Jake!

    Wonderful song and presentation! I loved it and hope for more in the near future. Welcome back Jake!

    wiz (Howie)

  11. Wonderful sound and use of space. I enjoyed it.
    Uffe Steen Music: http://www.uffe-steen.dk

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