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    Zoom H5 Audio Interface Question

    I'm trying to use my H5 as an audio interface to record video's on my iphone6s. My problem is I can't get enough volume using just the two condenser mics on the Zoom. If I go much past 12db it is distorted....so I tried plugging my guitar into the xlr input and then it only records in mono. I have the zoom set for stereo record but I don't see any option in the menu to get a stereo recording when plugged into the xlr input.

    Anyone have a Zoom? Any suggestions?

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    No surprise there is no way to get a stereo recording from a single XLR port, XLR means mono channel wired in a way which eliminates parasitic interferences on the signal running along the cable.

    You would need to connect two mikes to two XLR ports to stero record. Your guitar mike isn't stereo either.
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