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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    how does addictive drums compare to ezdrummerI have both apps (which I own) and can you import the grooves into ezdrummer and visa versa?
    I have both apps and there are situations where I need to use midi tracks created in Addictive in EZ drummer 2 and sometimes vice versa.

    This is usually a PITA because they both use different maps. Also, the velocities don't translate well.

    Addictive is better at this process because.....from memory.....you can select a different map from within the app. There is a drop down menu and EZ drummer is listed. You don't import the midi file, you just put it on the Addictive track and select what conversion you want.

    EZ Drummer 2 does not have this. They make you use a separate, but free app. I forget what it is called. It's on their site.

    You have to put that free plugin before your other drum plugin and it decodes from Addictive to EZ Drummer. Very clunky and very old concept but it works. Once again you have to fiddle with velocity info to make it sound right. Sometimes it just doesn't sound so good.

    So you don't really import the midi files into either app.
    I wish it were that easy.
    It's been a while since I've tried that but I don't think anything has changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grahambop View Post
    I don't think Barry Greene really explains the 'transcription' business in the video, but I assumed he somehow takes that midi output from his recorded guitar track in Ableton and opens it in a notation program like Finale? I think that might convert it into useable notation.
    Barry further describes transcription process in the subsequent video. He pitch corrects, quantizes, then imports the midi into Sibelius. (Check about 5:15 in this video.)

    Sorry if this is derailing Jack's original topic ...

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    DG is amazing and tech is tech. It's all on topic.
    I've been on the fence since forever about applying this to performing. This audio to midi conversion in Abelton is huge too. More and more people are moving away from DAWs like FL Studio and on to Ableton.
    I'm not crazy about sampling in software. IDK why. I wish companies like Roland would take midi sync seriously. I could hook up the Boss RC 300 to FL Studio and be done with it.

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    I'm pretty impressed that the author did all the loops with a midi keyboard! the dynamics are very very good.

    I particularly get a lot of use out of the odd time library, and there's a LOT of really intricate grooves, impressive on the transcription front alone!

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    I've been watching some of Barry Greene's videos and I like the sound he gets with just a drum loop and guitar comping. Somehow without a walking bass line it sounds a bit more 'ECM/contemporary', or at least to me it does. If I was doing some recording like this, I would get all obsessive about having a bass line and go to all sorts of trouble to get one from BIAB or something, but actually I am starting to like Barry's 'bassless' approach.

    As I have Drumgenius and I have a copy of Ableton Lite on my PC (it came free with some gadget I bought) I might have a go at this myself. I haven't used Ableton much though, I'll need to get my head round it.

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    On the subject of Ableton, I give you this gem from page 41 of the Ableton manual:

    Live’s Auto-Warp algorithm actually makes it easy to line up any sample with the song tempo, such as a recording of a drunken jazz band’s performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grahambop View Post
    On the subject of Ableton, I give you this gem from page 41 of the Ableton manual:

    Live’s Auto-Warp algorithm actually makes it easy to line up any sample with the song tempo, such as a recording of a drunken jazz band’s performance.
    If you want to learn Ableton fast, then there are plenty of great YT videos.

    You will find a plethora of young men who know the product inside out.
    It's like the ultimate man/baby toy for manipulating sounds.

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    so, I can now say i've experienced all the bugs folks were discussing earlier in this thread. It's actually a very buggy program but the drum patterns are great. None of the drum libraries I have on my computer have the breath of diversity that this program does. I just wish there were more modern drum beats, ecm/floating 8th stuff and more elvin and tain watts!

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    The programs bugs came into being as a result of the IOS updates.
    You know the routine, a perfectly working app/program take on problems in the newest op systems.
    Drum Genius compatibility is not something Apple considers when they update.

    What's there is great. Looking forward to the next next 300.

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