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    I'm trying something completely new

    Hey Guys!
    Technically I'm wrong in the Composition-Section, since I didn't write the Song, but I still thought it fit here best.
    I'm experimenting with somthing completely new (at least for me) on this Arrangement for my Band and would appreciate any kind of Feedback.

    What I had in mind:
    I really like the idea behing Electro-Swing, in the sense of taking something old and mixing it up with new grooves. I also like the fact, that there is a whole different audience to this Genre.

    So my Idea was to take that idea even one step further by applying these electronic Grooves and taking them back to a traditional swing Band that imitates these new Sounds in a purely acoustic manner. Does that make sense?
    Our working title for that is "analogue-electro-Swing"
    I don't know if anybody ever tried that before, but I find it really enjoyable writing and playing this stuff.
    I really dig all the old guys and their playing, but I always felt like just reproducing something, and finally I think I'm on the path to creating something new.


    Would love to hear what you guys think of it.


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    Dig the sound & feel. Further exploration would be fruitful, I think.
    Best regards, k

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenk74 View Post
    Dig the sound & feel. Further exploration would be fruitful, I think.
    Thank you!

    I'll sure be posting any new developments on here!


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    I dig it ... some of it has a bit of a Tom Waits‘y feel to me (which I like a lot) ... but it does sound fresh and it grooves - keep us posted!

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    It sounds good, I'm hearing other groups on youtube doing this acoustic treatment of electro-swing and appling it to some pop tunes.

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    I thought that was a very cool tune. I don't know much about electro-swing, but I have played with guys who were very much into bringing EDM type grooves into jazz, and had a good deal of fun with that.

    I think it's a promising area. I'd say go with it.
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    I like this a lot. Is it safe to assume you play dance venues?

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