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    Quote Originally Posted by fep View Post

    I'm reading up on songwriting and working on songwriting (similar to composing). My take away is, do it for the sake of doing it. Quantity over quality and the quality will eventually come. Turn your internal critic off.

    I've told this story before but it's worth repeating. Back in the early '80s I worked the graveyard shift and had access to several morning papers. One was the Wall Street Journal. One morning I read an article about how often even successful sales people are turned down. If you get one sell out of ten, you're doing very well. Ten out of a hundred. I thought, "Hey, if i write 100 songs, I'll have enough songs for an album." That thought liberated me. I wrote hundreds of songs in a few years. Most were crap, but so what? Each was fun for a few moments at least and some I still play to this day. I didn't have to think about which ones would last, I just had to keep writing. It was one of life's golden ages.
    Playing scales is like a boxer skipping rope or punching a bag. It's not the thing in itself; it's preparatory to the activity. Barney Kessel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boston Joe View Post
    I have scorecloud. I definitely do write things down, but I usually wait a night before I do that. If I can remember it the next day, I figure maybe it's not too bad. Here's a link to the first A section. ScoreCloud.

    (I wanted to post a screen shot, but my work blocks scorecloud.com.)
    Love a jazz waltz, sounds good. I which the jazz community was more into writing and performing their own music. I'd much rather hear you play your tune started here than a tired jazz standard.
    Frank (aka fep)

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