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    Kingstone/Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar-cherokee-cm1-png

    Something for my finger style friends.

    OK Joe..I'll be reviewing that!

    Thank you.
    If you can distinguish between rehearsing and practicing...you're better than half way there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanZ View Post
    That voicing can legitimately be thought of as multiple functions. Dan Haerle calls them 'Magic Voicings' - http://www.danhaerle.com/magic%20voicings.pdf. With C in the bass, it can be Cm11b5, D13, Ab7#5#9, Abm6/9, CMaj7#11, Gbm7b5, E Aeolian, or B Phrygian. Fyi, Barry Greene has a great lesson on his site - he calls it the 'Secret Jazz Chord'. :-)

    regards to all
    This doesn't seem right to me. Are you confusing some of these chords?
    Aren't we talking about the voicing starting with C, Gb, Bb and F?

    If that is the case the chords options would be Cmillb5, D7#9#5, Ab13, Ebmi6/9, Gbma7#11

    If you're referencing another chord, my apologies. Kingstone/Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar

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    my bad! I was thinking of Haerle's alternate fingering which is C, Gb, B, & E and that does provide the chords I listed. Using the C, Gb, Bb, & F fingering you're absolutely correct. Apologies if I've added to the confusion.

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