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    Gitane 250-M repairs

    My Gitane had one high and troublesome fret so I took it to a local luthier to get his opinion. He said there wasa wave in the fret board from when the neck was joined to the body. He recommended pulling the frets, planing the neck, re-fret and dress. He changed out my volume pot which was really crackly when you adjusted the volume. He cut a hole in the lower bout to mount a battery holder, it used to just flop around inside the body after the double sided adhesive lost its tenacity. He cut a new bone nut and sanded the bridge about 1/8". It used to sit level with the mustache. I think that covers most of it. Right now the action is so low I think I need to raise it just to feel something more "meaty" and a little more depth to the tone, but either way it's extremely playable and every note rings clear. Here's some pictures of the work.
    Attached Images Attached Images Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5026-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5022-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5027-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5029-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5034-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5033-jpg Gitane 250-M repairs-img_5030-jpg 

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    Whew! That's a lot of work, but I'm sure in the end it will be worth the cost and effort. Well done!
    Best regards, k

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