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What Are Guitar Positions? Everything You Need To Know

guitar positions 22

  Throughout your guitar journey you may have seen the term ‘guitar positions’ crop up here and there. Confused about it’s meaning? You aren’t alone – it’s one of those guitar terms that causes a lot of misunderstanding for guitar students. And it’s often not explained correctly either. In this lesson you’ll learn exactly what […]

Drop 3 Chords & Inversions

Drop 3 chord chart preview

  A favorite of jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, who used these shapes to perfection in his solo guitar performances, drop 3 chords are ideal to use when playing in a solo or duo setting. While they might take a bit of time to get under your fingers, having a strong understanding of drop […]

How to Practice and Apply Back Cycling

back cycling exercises 1612345

  When listening to great Jazz improvisers, on guitar or other instruments, there are usually moments where you think, “Wow, what was that?” as the player navigates a slick sounding line in their solos. There are many ways to get that “Wow” reaction from a listener, to play a line that jumps out and catches their […]

What Are Diatonic Chords?


  Studying jazz chords means two things, learning how to play chord shapes on the guitar, as well as learning how to use theory to apply these shapes to jazz tunes and chord progressions.One of the first theoretical concept that jazz guitarists will need to get down is the theory behind diatonic chords and how […]

What Is a Dominant Chord?

What is a dominant chord?

  “What are dominant chords?” is a question I get a lot from beginning guitarists. In this lesson you’ll learn how dominant 7th chords work, how they are formed and why dominant chords are called dominant. We’ll also have a look at how they look on the guitar and how they are used in jazz […]

Drop 2 Chords

Drop 2 Chords Chort Chart

  Drop 2 chords are the most popular chord voicings used in jazz guitar. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including comping, soloing, chord melody, etc. On the following chord chart you will find major, dominant, minor, half diminished and diminished drop 2 chords and their inversions. These big chord charts […]

How To Play Diminished Arpeggios

How To Play Diminished Arpeggios

  Diminished arpeggios are an essential tool every jazz guitar player should have under his/her belt + they are relatively easy to play on the guitar because of their symmetric formation. Read on to learn how to play diminished arpeggios on guitar and how to use them in a musical context.   How is a […]

Guide Tones for Jazz Guitar – In Context

Guide Tones for Jazz Guitar 1

By: Scott Cook The main motivation for the current discussion stems from the practice room. However, the present considerations should apply to any playing situation. Many of us are familiar with the concept of guide tones for jazz guitar. Generally, these are the notes of the chords, or chord tones, that guide the harmony by […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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