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Guitar Soloing Concepts – Playing Over a Drone Pedal

Guitar soloing concepts

  It’s vital for any improvising guitarist to learn the relationship between chords and scales. However, sometimes it’s interesting to change ”scale-to-chord-thinking” to a more horizontal approach. A good way of practicing this is playing over a backing track with a drone, note or chord that is continuously sounded. Playing with a drone leaves room […]

Maiden Voyage Chords – Modal Comping Study


  Maiden Voyage is is a classic modal jazz tune written and made famous by pianist Herbie Hancock. With a cool groove, hip slash chords, and a memorable melody, this tune has become a jazz jam session essential since first being released. While Maiden Voyage is a commonly called tune, it can often handcuff guitarists […]

How To Solo Over Maj7#5 Chords


  When learning to solo over major family chords, many jazz guitarists explore the Ionian sound (Maj7) and the Lydian sound (Maj7#11), but there is a third major chord color, and that is the Lydian Augmented sound (Maj7#5). Though you don’t see many Maj7#5 chords in jazz standard situations, especially compared to Maj7 chords, you […]

Bluesy Melody: Full Count (Chuck D’Aloia)

Em7b5 Arpeggio

  Here’s a cool tune, called Full Count and written by jazz and blues guitarist Chuck D’Aloia. Originally, the song is played fustion-style, have a look at this video for Chuck’s recording:     Here’s my recording of the melody, played in a more classic jazz style:       Here’s a backing track you […]

Modern Jazz Guitar – Tritone Side Stepping

Tritone Side Stepping 1 GIF

Learning how to bring a modern jazz guitar sound into your improvised lines, in the style of great players such as Adam Rogers, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder and John McLaughlin, can be tough. But, with the right focus, and breaking ideas down into digestible chunks, you can learn to bring a sense of tension and […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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