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ii V I Chord Solo Lines From the Greats

ii V I chord solo lines 5

  ii V I chord solo and comping lines can be accomplished through virtually an unlimited number of approaches on the guitar. What is it about one player’s chord approach that makes them sound different from others, and how does one go about developing their own style in the world of chords and comping? Asking these kinds […]

Top 10 Best Jazz Guitar Solos ( + 10 Licks)

  In a recent forum post, we asked our readers to name their favorite jazz guitar solo. And, as you might imagine, we got a varied response to that tough question. As readers struggled to pick just one solo that they would rank as their all-time favorite, a short-list of tracks began to emerge that would […]

Joe Pass Chords – Essential Lines and Concepts

  Joe Pass is often considered as the greatest jazz guitarist who ever lived. With his ability to play in solo, duo, and ensembles with ease, as well as move between single notes, bass lines, and chords, made his a true virtuoso. When studying his playing, one concept that is essential to spend time on […]

5 Essential ii V I Jazz Guitar Licks

ii V I jazz guitar licks

In this lesson we’ll be looking at 5 classic ii V I jazz guitar licks, in both major and minor keys, that you can use to bring a sense of jazz vocabulary into your lines and solos. ii V I Lick 1 The first lick that we’ll look at is a Pat Martino style phrase […]

Joe Pass Blues

  Here are some typical Joe Pass phrases over a blues in G. In this example he mixes the minor and major pentatonic scales.       The backing track:     Some remarks: Bar 1-8: entirely in the G minor pentatonic scale. Bar 3: chromatic approach of the 3 and b7 of G7. Bar […]

Joe Pass Bluesy ii V I Lick

Joe Pass ii V I Lick Lesson GIF

  Joe Pass is undoubtably one of the greatest jazz guitarists to ever play the instrument. He could play single-line solo, chord soloing phrases, perform in a trio, duo or solo setting with the best of them, and always be instantly recognizable by his tone and approach to the melodic and harmonic sides of jazz […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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