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Jazz Guitar Scale Exercises – Rhythmic Variation

Scale Rhythms 4

  Guitarists have a love-hate relationship with scales and guitar scale exercises. You know they’re important, but they’re often not that fun to work on. One of the main reasons that guitarists struggle with learning and being creative with scales in their solos is a lack of rhythmic focus with these devices. If you work […]

Essential Jazz Ear Training Exercises

  Ear training is an essential part of a balanced practice routine, but it’s an area that’s often avoided by guitarists in their practicing. Whether you’ve struggled with ear training in the past, or were put through exercises that seemed irrelevant or impractical, many jazz players have negative associations with aural skills development. But, improving […]

How to Play Maj7 Arpeggios


Maj7 arpeggios are a must-know concept for any jazz guitarist, but they can be difficult to get under your fingers when working these shapes around the entire fretboard. Finding a system to organize your maj7 arpeggios can make playing and soloing with maj7 arpeggios easy, as you will be able to think less about the […]

Song Surgeon 4 Review

Song Surgeon 4 Review

When heading to the practice room in the 21st century, jazz guitarists have a treasure trove of material and tools at their disposal to choose from when setting up their daily and weekly practice routines. With so many apps and software packages to choose from, it can be difficult to know where you should spend […]

5 Jazzy Pentatonic Scale Patterns

Pentatonic Scale Patterns 4-png

As many guitarists begin playing rock, blues and pop music before exploring jazz, one of the first scales we have under our fingers are the various positions of the major and minor pentatonic scales. To help you translate these commonly used scales to a jazz context, here are 5 jazz pentatonic scale patterns that you […]

17 Essential Jazz Guitar Chords For Beginners

Beginner Jazz Guitar Chord Chart

Here’s a chord chart with the 17 chord shapes every beginning jazz guitarist should know. Practice these chords by playing the chord progressions below the chord chart. How To Practice These Jazz Guitar Chords? The most fun and effective way to practice jazz guitar chords is playing chord progressions. Here are 3 exercises that should […]

Bluesy Arpeggio & Chord Exercise (+ Backing Track)

Bluesy Jazz Guitar Exercise

  When practicing something new, it’s always a good idea to put the thing you’re practicing in a musical context. Often when I try to incorporate a new concept or fingering into my playing, I make a little tune out of the new material. Here’s an example of such a tune. This exercise will teach […]

Guide Tones for Jazz Guitar – In Context

Guide Tones for Jazz Guitar 1

By: Scott Cook The main motivation for the current discussion stems from the practice room. However, the present considerations should apply to any playing situation. Many of us are familiar with the concept of guide tones for jazz guitar. Generally, these are the notes of the chords, or chord tones, that guide the harmony by […]

4 Must Know Tips for Learning Jazz Standards

Learning Jazz Standards

An important part of learning how to play jazz guitar, is learning jazz standards from a melodic, harmonic and improvisational standpoint. Besides learning the melody and chords for a tune, there are other approaches you can take which will help you fully understand and internalize any song you are learning in the woodshed. After learning […]

Jazz Guitar Practicing – Working With a Metronome

Practicing jazz guitar with a metronome

As students of jazz guitar, we’re all told that we need to practice with a metronome, and after doing so we learn quickly just how important working with a click can be when developing our sense of time in the practice room. While we know it’s important to use a metronome in our jazz guitar […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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