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George Benson + Tap Dancer Jimmy Slyde

George Benson and tap dancer Jimmy Slyde video + tabs

  Here’s some great footage (early 70s) of tap dancer Jimmy Slyde tapping on George Benson’s guitar (Papa Jo Jones is on drums). The video is an extract of Louis Panassié’s L’aventure du Jazz (The Adventure of Jazz). A young George Benson improvises a tune loosely based on bass player Ben Tucker’s song Comin’ Home […]

Top 10 Best Jazz Guitar Solos ( + 10 Licks)

  In a recent forum post, we asked our readers to name their favorite jazz guitar solo. And, as you might imagine, we got a varied response to that tough question. As readers struggled to pick just one solo that they would rank as their all-time favorite, a short-list of tracks began to emerge that would […]

George Benson & Benny Goodman (+ George Benson Lick)

  The following footage comes from a 1975 tv tribute to John Hammond. In the PBS show, Goodman (66 at the time) reunites with musicians he’d worked with over the years such as bass player Milt Hinton, drummer Jo Jones and Benson, substituting and honoring the playing of Charlie Christian. In this video the band […]




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