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Gypsy Jazz Guitar – The Magic of Triads

Gypsy jazz guitar triads

  I remember myself struggling with jazz improvisation. It was so complicated! My teachers demanded that I played tensions, substitutes, superimposed chords, while I was having a hard time just keeping the form… During my travels in Europe, I played with gypsy guitarists and learned from them. One of the most important things I learned […]

Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Introduction to Arpeggios and Picking

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

  One of the things that attracts me to the Gypsy swing style is that it has a systematic technical method. Before I started to play Django style, none of my teachers talked to me about technique or how to improve my sound. I noticed that every guitarist has a different way of playing and […]

Top 10 Best Jazz Guitar Solos ( + 10 Licks)

  In a recent forum post, we asked our readers to name their favorite jazz guitar solo. And, as you might imagine, we got a varied response to that tough question. As readers struggled to pick just one solo that they would rank as their all-time favorite, a short-list of tracks began to emerge that would […]

3 Gypsy Kids Playing Jazz Guitar [Video]

JImmy Rosenberg

Jimmy Rosenberg is a Dutch Sinto guitarist. At the age of 13, Jimmy had played with a lot of famous musicians including Bireli Lagrene, Stéphane Grappelli, Philip Catherine and Stochelo Rosenberg. Here’s a video of Jimmy playing  with Sani van Mullen and Falko Reinhardt (a grandnephew of Django Reinhardt), 3 kids playing guitar on a campsite near […]

Django Reinhardt Style Arpeggios

Django Reinhardt arpeggios

Usually the first type of arpeggios jazz guitarists learn are 7th-chord arpeggios and this makes sense because that’s the sound of jazz. Triad arpeggios are usually next, when studying upper structure triads. We also study 7th-chord arpeggios with added tensions such as the 9, 13, b9 etc. Django Reinhardt used a lot of triads in […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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