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Autumn Leaves Guitar Melody for Beginners

  A definite must-know standard, Autumn Leaves is one of the most commonly called tunes at jazz jam sessions. It can be played in Em or Gm, and therefore is an introduction to tunes that are commonly played in more than one key, forcing you to learn it in both keys. There are also major […]

Watermelon Man – Guitar Chords, Chord Melody, and Solo

  When learning jazz guitar, the blues is an essential topic that any guitarist should tackle. But, how do you move beyond the standard 12-bar form? One of the tunes that gets called at jam sessions and is blues related (but not 12-bar), is Watermelon Man. Watermelon Man, a song written by Herbie Hancock who was […]

After You’ve Gone for Solo Guitar

  Learning how to play chord melody is one of the most sought after skills by jazz guitarists of all levels and musical tastes. It’s one of those concepts that’s both alluring and intimidating in its design.  In this video, jazz guitarist Greg O’Rourke demonstrates the possibilities that studying chord melody produces on the guitar. […]

Chord Melody Made Easy

Chord melody jazz guitar

  Chord melody is a highly sought after skill by many guitarists, and it’s easy to see why. Being able to play melody and chords on a single instrument has immense creative possibilities in both trio and solo guitar situations. But, if you’ve tried to learn chord melody, it’s likely you’ve been overwhelmed. There are so […]

Easy Satin Doll Chord Melody for Guitar

  Learning how to play chord melody arrangements is one of the most sought after skills by beginning and intermediate jazz guitarists, but it can seem out of reach for many players. While it may be a tough challenge to play a Joe Pass style chord melody on guitar, you don’t have to wait to […]

Turnaround Chord Solo Lines for Jazz Guitar

  Playing chord solos has been a part of the standard repertoire since the early days of jazz guitar. Players such as George Van Eps, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Kurt Rosenwinkel, to name a few, have all recorded legendary chord solos on their albums. Because so many great Jazz guitarists use chord solos in […]

Night & Day

Night and Day jazz guitar video

  Here’s a great solo jazz guitar arrangement of the standard Night & Day, arranged and played by Chris Standring, the author of Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2.     Here are the tabs for the first 16 bars:     If you want to learn how to play solo arrangements like this one, […]

Solo Jazz Guitar: Start Of a Beautiful Song (Vince Lewis)

Jazz Guitarist Vince Lewis

  Check out this beautiful solo jazz guitar arrangement of Start of a Beautiful Song, written and played by Vince Lewis, a veteran performer, composer and recording artist from Charleston, WV. You can download the tabs and music notation of this solo arrangement here…     And here’s a thank you video from the people of […]

The Days of Wine & Roses

The Days of Wine and Roses chord melody arrangement

Here’s a nice chord/melody arrangement of the classic jazz standard The Days of Wine & Roses. The arrangement is from the hand of Chris Standring and is a part of his jazz guitar chord melody course called Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2.     Here are the tabs for the first 8 bars:   […]

Drop 2 Chords

Drop 2 Chords Chort Chart

  Drop 2 chords are the most popular chord voicings used in jazz guitar. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including comping, soloing, chord melody, etc. On the following chord chart you will find major, dominant, minor, half diminished and diminished drop 2 chords and their inversions. These big chord charts […]




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