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Gypsy Jazz Guitar – The Magic of Triads

Gypsy jazz guitar triads

  I remember myself struggling with jazz improvisation. It was so complicated! My teachers demanded that I played tensions, substitutes, superimposed chords, while I was having a hard time just keeping the form… During my travels in Europe, I played with gypsy guitarists and learned from them. One of the most important things I learned […]

Gypsy Jazz Guitar – Introduction to Arpeggios and Picking

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

  One of the things that attracts me to the Gypsy swing style is that it has a systematic technical method. Before I started to play Django style, none of my teachers talked to me about technique or how to improve my sound. I noticed that every guitarist has a different way of playing and […]

Chord Soloing for Guitar – Arpeggios in 3rds

  If you’ve begun to explore chord soloing on guitar, you’ll know that one of the toughest shapes to harmonize are arpeggios. This is because they’re built with intervals of 3rds or larger, jumping around the neck in a short amount of space compared to scales, which tend to use more stepwise motion. Because arpeggios […]

The Diatonic Enclosure – Application and Practice Guide

diatonic enclosure 8

  While there are many jazz soloing techniques that use chromatic notes and other outside sounds, not every important concept steps outside the key center. The most popular example of this is the diatonic enclosure, which is built by playing two diatonic notes surrounding a diatonic target note in your lines. Used by just about […]

George Benson & Benny Goodman (+ George Benson Lick)

  The following footage comes from a 1975 tv tribute to John Hammond. In the PBS show, Goodman (66 at the time) reunites with musicians he’d worked with over the years such as bass player Milt Hinton, drummer Jo Jones and Benson, substituting and honoring the playing of Charlie Christian. In this video the band […]

Minor ii V I Arpeggio Patterns for Jazz Guitar

dm7b5 arpeggio 2

  Arpeggios are created by playing the notes of a given chord in note order, one note after the other. Knowing which arpeggios to use and how to use them in a musical context is key to becoming a strong improviser. In this lesson you’ll learn how to play three essential jazz guitar arpeggios and […]

Minor Turnaround Arpeggios for Guitar


  Soloing over minor turnaround changes can seem like a tall order when first exploring jazz guitar soloing techniques. The amount of scales that you can use to solo over these four chords can seem daunting at first, from Melodic Minor, to Altered, to Phrygian Dominant, to Dorian, and other scales, can quickly add up and […]

Diminished Arpeggio Exercise

Diminished Arpeggio Exercise

  In this short technique exercise you’ll learn how to play diminished (and minor) arpeggios. The exercise is played over a ii V I VI7 chord progression in C major. It doesn’t sound very musical, but it is effective in getting these diminished arpeggio shapes into your fingers.   Here’s the video:     The […]

Misty Arpeggio Study

Misty arpeggio study video

  In this lesson you will learn to play an arpeggio study over the chord changes of the jazz standard Misty. Only basic arpeggio shapes are used in this study, so no scales or chromatic notes.   Here’s the video:     The music notation and backing track:         If you […]

Jazz Blues Arpeggios for Guitar


  When learning how to play arpeggios over the jazz blues chord progression, or any tune for that matter, the easiest approach you can take in is to learn the arpeggio shapes within one position on the fretboard. This means that you’ll be able to play arpeggios over each chord in the progression without moving […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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