Turnaround Chord Solo Lines for Jazz Guitar


Playing chord solos has been a part of the standard repertoire since the early days of jazz guitar. Players such as George Van Eps, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Kurt Rosenwinkel, to name a few, have all recorded legendary chord solos on their albums. Because so many great Jazz guitarists use chord solos in their […]

Drop 3 Chords & Inversions

Drop 3 chord chart preview

  A favorite of jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, who used these shapes to perfection in his solo guitar performances, drop 3 chords are ideal to use when playing in a solo or duo setting. While they might take a bit of time to get under your fingers, having a strong understanding of drop […]

How to Play Take 5 Chords on Guitar

Take 5 Guitar Chords

  If you’re like most guitar players, especially when first beginning to study the instrument, you will have a moment where you think; “I really dig that tune Take 5 so I’ll learn it on guitar. How hard could it be?” Then you try and play it, and turns out it’s not as straightforward as […]

Minor ii V I Arpeggio Patterns for Jazz Guitar

dm7b5 arpeggio 2

  Arpeggios are created by playing the notes of a given chord in note order, one note after the other. Knowing which arpeggios to use and how to use them in a musical context is key to becoming a strong improviser. In this lesson you’ll learn how to play three essential jazz guitar arpeggios and […]

Night & Day

Night and Day jazz guitar video

  Here’s a great solo jazz guitar arrangement of the standard Night & Day, arranged and played by Chris Standring, the author of Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2.     Here are the tabs for the first 16 bars:     If you want to learn how to play solo arrangements like this one, […]

How to Practice and Apply Back Cycling

back cycling exercises 1612345

  When listening to great Jazz improvisers, on guitar or other instruments, there are usually moments where you think, “Wow, what was that?” as the player navigates a slick sounding line in their solos. There are many ways to get that “Wow” reaction from a listener, to play a line that jumps out and catches their […]

The Gypsy Minor Scale

  In this lesson you will learn a theme based on the gypsy minor scale. The gypsy minor scale is prominently used in Romani (gypsy) music. Exotic guitar scales like this one are a good way to bring new sounds into your playing. The gypsy minor scale (aka Hungarian minor scale or double harmonic minor […]

The Girl From Ipanema Chords

The Girl From Ipanema

In this lesson you will learn to play the original chords and bossa nova guitar patterns of the classic bossa song The Girl from Ipanema, written by Antonio Carlos Jobim (music) and Vinicius de Moraes (Portuguese lyrics).           The guitar rhythm pattern is fairly simple, the chords are as well. Note […]

Minor Turnaround Arpeggios for Guitar


  Soloing over minor turnaround changes can seem like a tall order when first exploring jazz guitar soloing techniques. The amount of scales that you can use to solo over these four chords can seem daunting at first, from Melodic Minor, to Altered, to Phrygian Dominant, to Dorian, and other scales, can quickly add up and […]

Solo Jazz Guitar: Start Of a Beautiful Song (Vince Lewis)

Jazz Guitarist Vince Lewis

  Check out this beautiful solo jazz guitar arrangement of Start of a Beautiful Song, written and played by Vince Lewis, a veteran performer, composer and recording artist from Charleston, WV. You can download the tabs and music notation of this solo arrangement here…     And here’s a thank you video from the people of […]




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