Jazz Funk Guitar Soloing Concepts

jazz funk soloing 9

  Jazz funk guitar is often thought of as a rhythmic-heavy genre, where guitarists spend most of their time playing chords and funky grooves. But this isn’t always the case, as jazz funk guitarists are also masters of creating groovy single-note lines as riffs, fills, and improvised solos.  In this lesson, you’ll look at single […]

Wes Montgomery Chord Solo – Jazz Blues

wes chord solo 6

  Listening to Wes Montgomery play jazz can be both a liberating and intimidating experience. For a guitarist still learning the ropes of chord soloing, trying to play like Wes is daunting from the get go. As far as chord soloing goes, Wes is known for his incredible speed, rhythm, and musical sensibility. Using familiar […]

Jazz Funk Rhythm Guitar – Intro Lesson

jazz funk rhythm guitar 10

  Have you ever found yourself comping over a tune with cool-sounding chords, but your rhythmic playing is falling flat? If you’ve ever wondered how to take your chords and make them hipper, then studying jazz funk rhythm guitar may be the answer you’re looking for. Combining jazz chordal qualities with the sophisticated rhythmic patterns […]

Fly Me to the Moon Chords

fly me to the moon chords

  New to comping and jazz guitar chords? By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the knowledge to comp through jazz standards with cool-sounding chords and comping patterns. Using Fly me to the Moon as a conduit for learning, you’ll work the material required to successfully comp through this tune, and many others. Knowing comping […]

Popular Jazz Guitar Strings

Best Jazz Guitar Strings (Top 20)

When searching for a jazz guitar tone, many guitarists will focus on their guitars and amps as the main source of their sound. But, there is often one important sonic ingredient that players ignore when it comes to finding the perfect guitar tone, the strings. Just as there are many styles of jazz, there are […]

Wes Montgomery ii V I Licks – Short Phrases


  When studying jazz guitar, one of the toughest progressions to begin outlining in your solos is the short ii V I progression. With three chords in two bars, this chord progression goes by quickly, providing a challenge for all levels of guitarists. When learning how to play over these fast-moving chord changes, one of […]

George Benson + Tap Dancer Jimmy Slyde

George Benson and tap dancer Jimmy Slyde video + tabs

  Here’s some great footage (early 70s) of tap dancer Jimmy Slyde tapping on George Benson’s guitar (Papa Jo Jones is on drums). The video is an extract of Louis Panassié’s L’aventure du Jazz (The Adventure of Jazz). A young George Benson improvises a tune loosely based on bass player Ben Tucker’s song Comin’ Home […]

Epiphone Les Paul 100th Anniversary Review

Epiphone Les Paul

There are few names that garner the respect and admiration in the guitar world as Les Paul. A master player, builder, inventor, and performer, the guitar world just wouldn’t be the same without the Wizard of Waukesha at the center of its history. To celebrate Les’ 100th anniversary, Epiphone has released a limited edition Les […]

Chord Soloing for Guitar – Arpeggios in 3rds

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 6.32.29 AM

  If you’ve begun to explore chord soloing on guitar, you’ll know that one of the toughest shapes to harmonize are arpeggios. This is because they’re built with intervals of 3rds or larger, jumping around the neck in a short amount of space compared to scales, which tend to use more stepwise motion. Because arpeggios […]

Jazz Guitar Scale Exercises – Rhythmic Variation

Scale Rhythms 4

  Guitarists have a love-hate relationship with scales and guitar scale exercises. You know they’re important, but they’re often not that fun to work on. One of the main reasons that guitarists struggle with learning and being creative with scales in their solos is a lack of rhythmic focus with these devices. If you work […]




The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

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