Blues in F Chord Study – Lenny Breau Chords


Lenny Breau was one of the all-time great jazz guitarists. His ability to solo with single-notes and chords, play high-level chord melodies as well as adapt his playing to solo, duo, trio and larger group playing made Lenny a legend in the industry. While there are many aspects of Lenny’s playing that you can break […]

Intro to Maj7#5 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Maj7#5 Chords 4

When learning how to comp jazz guitar chords, one of the uncommon, yet cool-sounding shapes, which you will run across, is the maj7#5 chord. Though it is not as commonly used as the maj7 or maj7#11 chord shapes, the maj7#5 chord is an interesting sound that you can add to your jazz guitar vocabulary over […]

Combining 7b9 Scales and Arpeggios

7b9 Scale Example 9

7b9 Scales, otherwise known as the Phrygian Dominant Scale, are a very important part of the Bebop repertoire. It is one of the fundamental building blocks of the jazz language, and so practicing it is essential study for any developing jazz guitarist. In this lesson, I will be ignoring the Em7b5 chord and instead playing […]

Killer Joe Jazz Guitar Chord Study

Killer Joe Jazz Guitar Comping 2-

A fun and interesting chord progression, the tune “Killer Joe” is a commonly called jazz standard on both jam sessions and in gigging situations. While the tune looks easy from an initial look at the chords, especially the A sections which are only two chords, it can be tricky to keep things from becoming monotonous […]

ii V I Arpeggio Pattern For Jazz Guitar

ii V Arpeggio Pattern 1-png

One of the toughest changes to work out when learning how to play jazz guitar is the two-bar ii V I progression, such as you can see in the examples below. Because of this, working on outlining short ii V I’s is an essential part of any jazz guitarist’s practice routine, especially when first starting […]

Shell Jazz Guitar Chords (For Beginners)

Shell Chords Guitar Chord Chart

Shell Chords are the most basic jazz guitar chords and are essential knowledge for every jazz guitarist. The following chord chart contains the most important shell chords. A note about printing: I realise these big chord charts are hard to print, that’s why I’m compiling them in an ebook for easy printing. I’ll let you […]

Popular Jazz Guitar Amps

The most popular jazz guitar amps as chosen by you...

Tone is an important aspect of any jazz guitarist’s voice and musical output. Whether you are jamming in the woodshed, or out on a gig, your tone is what stands you apart from other players, and gives your playing a distinct voice all it’s own. One of the most important aspects of developing a solid […]

5 Thelonious Monk Licks For Jazz Guitar


Though not a guitarist, Thelonious Monk is one of the most commonly studied jazz musicians when guitarists begin to explore improvisational and compositional techniques on the instrument. With a strong focus on polyphonic lines, playing two or more notes at once, as well as a unique rhythmic approach to improvising, Monk’s lines are full of […]

Playing Chord Melody Jazz Guitar

Chord melody jazz guitar

Because the guitar has six strings, it enables us to play more than one note at a time. So the idea of playing chord melody will at some point hit every budding jazz guitarist. And it does seems a little daunting. But I want to simplify it for you. Joe Pass once said that there […]

Blue Bossa Guitar Chord Study

Blue Bossa Guitar Chord Study-png (1)

One of the most common non-swing rhythms that jazz guitarists explore when learning how to comp over tunes is the Bossa Nova groove. While many of us learn to play Brazilian Jazz tunes in our practice routine, learning how to pay an authentic Bossa or Samba groove on the guitar can be tricky, especially for […]

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