Jazz Blues Arpeggios for Guitar


  When learning how to play arpeggios over the jazz blues chord progression, or any tune for that matter, the easiest approach you can take in is to learn the arpeggio shapes within one position on the fretboard. This means that you’ll be able to play arpeggios over each chord in the progression without moving […]

Easy Jazz Arpeggios – ii V I VI Chords


One of the big struggles that many guitarists face when first learning jazz guitar arpeggios, is that they learn large shapes (usually two octaves), which can be hard to connect when applied to a soloing situation. While two-octave shapes are essential learning, there is an easier way to get started with arpeggios.     This […]

How to Play Maj7 Arpeggios


Maj7 arpeggios are a must-know concept for any jazz guitarist, but they can be difficult to get under your fingers when working these shapes around the entire fretboard. Finding a system to organize your maj7 arpeggios can make playing and soloing with maj7 arpeggios easy, as you will be able to think less about the […]

Wes Montgomery Mini Licks


  Learning jazz guitar vocabulary often means studying lines and phrases, breaking them down and understanding the building blocks of each line so that you can create your own improvised lines and phrases. As well as studying longer lines, and breaking them down on your own, you can also study mini licks, lines that are […]

Wes Montgomery Chord Study – Yesterdays

Wes Montgomery

  Though known more for his improvisations, with his three tiered approach especially (single notes-octaves-chords), Wes Montgomery was also a master comper with a wide range of chord concepts under his fingers, in his ears, and inside his comping phrases. In this chord study, written over the tune Yesterdays, you will learn a number of […]

Wes Montgomery Blues Solo

Wes Montgomery Blues Solo Video

  In this lesson you will learn to play a jazz guitar solo in the style of Wes Montgomery. The solo is over a jazz blues in F and is full of classic Wes licks and ideas that you can apply to your own playing.   Here’s the video:       And here is […]

What Are Diatonic Chords?


Studying jazz chords means two things, learning how to play chord shapes on the guitar, as well as learning how to use theory to apply these shapes to jazz tunes and chord progressions.         One of the first theoretical concept that jazz guitarists will need to get down is the theory behind […]

How to Play Maj7 Chords


There are many different jazz chords that you can learn when exploring harmony on the fretboard, and none are more important than the maj7 chord.           Used as the tonic chord in a major key, and the resolution chord in the famous ii-V-I chord progression, maj7 chords are essential knowledge for […]

Easy Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

easy fingerstyle blues 4

The blues is often the first genre that people explore when they begin their exploration of improvisation on the guitar, leading to jazz, funk, fusion and other genres from that bluesy starting point. One of the most popular styles of blues that guitarists study is called Fingerstyle Blues, which is blues guitar played with the […]

How To Solo Over Maj7#5 Chords


  When learning to solo over major family chords, many jazz guitarists explore the Ionian sound (Maj7) and the Lydian sound (Maj7#11), but there is a third major chord color, and that is the Lydian Augmented sound (Maj7#5). Though you don’t see many Maj7#5 chords in jazz standard situations, especially compared to Maj7 chords, you […]




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