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Arpeggio Shapes



The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios


Here's a list of arpeggio shapes for all main chord types: major, minor, dominant, m7b5 and diminished. Memorizing these arpeggio shapes can be a bit of a hassle, but it's important that you know them. Don't try to learn them all at once, give yourself some time and take it easy.


Must Read Arpeggios are compulsory knowledge for every jazz guitarist.


Remember that each arpeggio shape on this page is movable (if this is not clear to you, read our Introduction to Guitar Arpeggios).


Guitar Fretboard Legend : Root   a red dot is the root or 1 of the guitar chord. The letter inside the box is the note name.

Guitar Fretboard Legend : Note   black dots are the other chord notes. The numbers under the diagrams is the fret number.



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1) Major Arpeggio Shapes

Chord: Gmaj7


Starting on the root or the 7:

Gmaj7 arpeggio diagram


Starting on the 3rd:

Gmaj7 arpeggio diagram 2


Also starting on the 3rd, but going in another direction:

Gmaj7 arpeggio diagram 3


Starting on the 5th:

Major arpeggio diagram 4


Starting on the 7 or the root:

Major arpeggio diagram 5


And here are two additional diagrams, where you play 2 notes per string. These patterns are very convenient on a guitar fretboard:


Major arpeggios


  Major arpeggio

2) Minor Arpeggio Shapes

Chord: Am7


Starting on the root:

Am7 arpeggio diagram 1


Starting on the 3rd:

Am7 arpeggio diagram 2


Starting on the 5th in two directions:

Minor arpeggio diagram 3


Minor arpeggio diagram 4


Starting on the b7:

Minor arpeggio diagram 5


And here are 2 additional 2 notes/string shapes:


Arpeggio diagrams


          Arpeggio diagram

3) Dominant Arpeggio Shapes

Chord: G7


Starting from the root:

G7 arpeggio diagram 1


From the 3rd:

G7 arpeggio diagram 2


From the 5th:

G7 arpeggio diagram 3


From the b7:

Dominant arpeggio diagram


And 2 additional 2 notes/string diagrams:


dominant arpeggios


dominant arpeggio

4) Half Diminished Arpeggio Shapes

Chord: Bm7b5


Starting from the root:

Bm7b5 arpeggio diagram 1


From the b3:

Bm7b5 arpeggio diagram 2


From the b5:

Bm7b5 arpeggio diagram 3


From the b7:

Half diminished arpeggio diagram


And the two additional 2 notes/string diagrams:


            Half diminished arpeggios


Half diminished arpeggio

5) Diminished Arpeggio Shapes

There are only 2 shapes (+ the additional 2 notes/string shape) for diminished chords. That is because diminished arpeggios are symmetrical: they are built exclusively with minor third intervals. You can move these arpeggios 3 frets up and down the neck and you will still play the good notes.

This means G°7 = Bb°7 = Db°7 = E °7

You can start this arpeggio on the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th or the 12th fret and you'll be playing the same chord.


Chord: G°7 (= Bb°7 = Db°7 = E °7)


G diminished arpeggio diagram 1


G°7 arpeggio diagram 2


And here's the 2 notes/string shape:


diminished arpeggios


Happy memorizing!





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